St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Rainbow Tags

Get the luck of the Irish is on your side with this festive St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow tag project! Just grab your Glue Dots® Adhesive Sheets, snag some chocolate coins, and your holiday is sure to be filled with good fortune. Enjoy!

LEVEL: ADVANCED |   SIZE: 3 ¼” x 5 ¼”





  1. Add a piece of the Glue Dots® Adhesive Sheets for Die Cutting to rainbow tag prior to cutting.
  2. Once it’s cut, use the scissors to cut a smaller piece to fit behind the rainbow cut out. Don’t remove the backing from this piece.P1080967
  3. Add a few Glue Dots® Mini Dots over the backing to help hold it on the tag.
  4. Line up the tag hole punch and press down.
  5. Starting with the red rainbow piece, inlay it onto the adhesive sheet. Press it in place. Follow the same steps for each of the rainbow colors.
  6. To make the reflective die-cut vellum circles, grab a sheet of Glue Dots® Adhesive Sheets for Vellum and trim a piece to fit the size of vellum you are using.P1090044
  7. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive sheet and stick it to the back of your vellum. Once it’s adhered, run the vellum through your die cut machine to create the vellum die-cut circles.
  8. Once cut, remove the protective plastic from the back of the vellum circles to expose the adhesive side, and stick them on or around the rainbow. To help activate the adhesive, press down on them with using the back of your nail.
  9. Now that your reflective vellum circles are adhered, stick each of the 5 shamrocks around the tag using your Glue Dots® Mini Dots. Then, add sequins here and there using your Glue Dots® Micro Dots.P1080986
  10. Run the curling ribbon through the tag and fill the drawstring bag with candy. Tie the tag around the top of the bag, and curl the ends.
  11. Share the luck, and the sweets, with your friends! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!P1090027