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Memo Board

How do crafters stay organized? We make something! Check out the tutorial below to see how to turn an old collage photo frame into a memo board for inspiration, ideas, and project deadlines.


Designed by: Danielle Hunter

Time: Approximately 45 minutes (not including drying time)

Level: Beginner

Size: 11¾ " x 14 ¾"Glue-Dots-Memo-Board-supplies

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

Take apart frame to clean and dry. Apply several coats of spray paint to frame and keys. Allow drying time in between coats.

Trim a piece of Paper House decorative paper to fit behind the wooden insert openings. Use Removable Glue Squares to attach paper behind openings.

Decorate front of insert with Paper House stickers and put frame back together.

Attach clothespin and keys to glass with Advanced Strength Dots.

Write reminders and notes with Marvy chalk markers.

Attach inspiration to frame with Removable Glue Squares.




~ Danielle