New Years Eve Decorations

Midnight Kisses

I don't know about you, but I never really know how to decorate for New Year's Eve. Well, today I am sharing a great way to take those Christmas trees that you already have out at this time of year and transform them into your New Years Eve decor by making a Midnight Kisses tree! Perfect to share those New Year's Eve kisses at midnight!


Designed by: Robyn

Time: 30-45 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness



  • Permanent Dots™
  • Christmas tree (I used a tabletop size)
  • Cardstock
  • String/Twine
  • Hershey's kisses
  • Vinyl
  • Wood chips
  • Garlands/Accessories
  • Vinyl cutting machine
  • Printer
  • Punch or scissors

Print out designs on cardstock to put on wood chips. (I did the words "Midnight Kisses, Happy New Year, and a clock.)

Cut out vinyl kiss shapes and any other designs you want. (I also did a cute couple to put on my tree topper as a little tag.) Attach them to your cardstock.

Punch or cut out your designs and adhere them to wood chips using Permanent Dots.

Cut your string into strips to make the hanger for your Hershey's Kisses and your other ornaments. (I used black ribbon for my wood ornaments just to mix it up. Be sure to use whatever materials you have on hand and customize this tree to make it your own!)

Glue-Dots-midnight-kisses-cutUse your Permanent Dots to adhere the string to a Hershey's kisses. My wood ornaments had holes to run the twine through, but if yours do not, add Permanent Dots to the back to attach the twine to. 


Now you're ready to decorate your tree! Drape your garland around your tree first.

Then take all of your wood chips, Hershey kisses, and any other ornaments, and hang them from your little tree. Add your Midnight Kisses tree topper to the top.

This is such a fun idea for adults or for families. Kids can take a kiss off the tree at midnight and feel like they are part of the New Year's Celebration too!

~ Robyn