Gift Ideas

New Years Hostess Gift

Add a personal touch to your New Year’s Eve host/hostess gift with this simple and easily customizable project. Utilize Glue Lines® and Mini Dots™ to make sure everything stays in place.


Made by: Samantha Taylor

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy


Supply List:

  • Glue Lines®
  • Mini Dots™
  • 2 sheets of coordinating patterned paper
  • Chipboard Numbers
  • Ribbon
  • Wine, Champagne, sparkling cider, or sparkling grape juice.

Measure around the widest part of your bottle (the circumference). Add 1” to the measurement. This will be the length of your paper.

Measure the height of the largest label on your bottle. Add ½” to that measurement. This will be the height of your paper. 

Cut your base paper to the length and height your measured in steps above. Attach your paper to bottle with Glue Lines.

Cut a second piece of patterned paper to 3” tall and as long as the measurement in step 1.  Using Glue Lines, attach this second piece of paper, layering it on top of the first piece of paper.


Use Mini Dots to attach “2019” to the outside of the bottle.

Now, attach your ribbon to the bottle using more Glue Lines. 

If you need something for the kids or your host doesn’t drink, this works equally well on a bottle of sparkling cider or grape juice. Also note that I always use Mini Glue Dots® to stick my numbers onto my bottle, even if they have a pre-applied adhesive. Pre-applied adhesive is never quite strong enough, and Mini Glue Dots will give you the confidence that everything on your project will stay put!

~ Samantha