Paper Crafts

Paper Pineapples

I'm super excited that it's still summer, so I decided to do a little paper crafting and make these cute little paper pineapples. 

Made by: Robyn
Time: 10 minutes
Level:  Beginner
Size:  Approx 3" x 6" 

Here's what you'll need:


Here's what you do:

Cut your yellow card stock into a long strip about 2 inches wide.

Cut little "fringe" strips down the length of the card stock about1/2 inch wide.


Optional: Ink the edges of the strip brown with your ink and sponge. (I did this on some and left others without the ink and either way they are great!)


Roll the "fringe" strips up one at a time.


Roll the entire long strip around the toilet paper tube or just to itself, creating a tube inside and circling around over and over.


Angle it downward as you go around to make different levels of curled paper. Use your Advanced Strength Dispenser to adhere it to the tube or to itself periodically as you circle around.

I made some of these without a toilet paper tube and some with. It's your choice. Basically it will give you a tubular shape to follow, but they turn out a little fatter this way too. Either way works.


Create a smaller one and slip inside the top of the first one you made. This will be the top of the pineapple.


Cut small thin little green leaves to place on top of each paper pineapple and adhere with your Advanced Strength glue dots.


That's it! They turn out so cute and are great for decorations or even a kids craft. Love them!



Paper Pineapples made with yellow paper, toilet paper rolls and #GlueDots