Mother's Day

Photo Magnet Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a nice gift for anyone who likes to read, but they make an especially good gift for Mother’s Day! All it takes is a couple household items, your handy-dandy Glue Dots®, and a few of your favorite family photos. And with just a little help and supervision, the kids can lend a hand and make your bookmark even more meaningful!

LEVEL: BEGINNER | SIZE: SHORT = 2” X 3” | LONG = 2” X 6”

Final Bookmarks


  • Glue Dots® All Purpose Dots
  • Small photos (about 2.5” x 1.75”)
  • Patterned paper
  • Thin magnet
  • Scissors (optional, for long bookmark only)
  • Flat stickers (optional, for embellishing)

Magnetic Photo Bookmark Supplies


  1. Cut and score patterned paper. Then, fold the patterned paper in half along the score line.
         Long style: cut to 2” x 12”, score at 6”
         Short style: cut to 2” x 6”, score at 3"
    Magnetic Photo Bookmark - Step 1
  2. Cut photos to 2.5” x 1.75”. Attach photos to the outside of the bookmark with Glue Dots® All Purpose Dots. Use two photos per bookmark; one photo on each side.
    Magnetic Photo Bookmarks-Step 2
  3. Cut magnet into 2” x 0.25” strips and attach to the inside of the bookmark with Glue Dots® All Purpose Dots. Put one magnet on each (inside) side of the bookmark.
    Magnetic Photo Bookmarks-Step 003
  4. For the long bookmark, use scissors to cut a fishtail into the end.
    Magnetic Photo Bookmarks-Step 004
  5. Finally, add those personal embellishments!
    Magnetic Photo Bookmarks-Step 005

Glue Dots® All Purpose Dots are great for a variety of surfaces, making them perfect for the different surfaces in this project. To make it a fun activity fun for the whole family to enjoy, ask older kids to help pick out photos and cut papers for this project, and have the younger ones place Glue Dots® on the magnets and add the embellishments!