Lawn Fawn Valentine's Day Cards

2018 Vday lawn fawn (4).jpg

Designed by: Grace Tolman

Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Size:  5 ½" x 4 ¼”

Notes: Using inks as a watercolor medium can be an easy way to maximize your supplies. Glue Dots adhesives also makes this project easy and mess free.

vday lawn fawn (10).jpg

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what you do:

Create the card base using white cardstock. Cut and fold the paper into an A2 card base.

Stamp the cluster of hearts, twice, onto the mask paper. Cut out the images.

vday lawn fawn (2).jpg

Cut out a watercolor piece the same size as your card base.

Stamp the same cluster of hearts image onto an edge of the water color paper piece. Adhere one of the mask papers over the stamped image. Stamp the image next to the masked piece, overlapping the edges slightly. Adhere the other mask paper over the just stamped image and mask again, repeating the process of overlapping the edges when needed. Move the mask papers whenever you need to re-stamp the heart cluster close to existing stamped area. Fill the whole water color piece with cluster of hearts images.

vday lawn fawn (3).jpg

Rub some Lemonade ink onto a color palette or a mixed media mat. Using your watercolor brush and some water, transfer the ink color to the brush and color in the stamped hearts. Repeat the process with the Grape Soda and Bubble Gum inks until the whole piece is colored in.

vday lawn fawn (4).jpg

Cut the water color panel into two vertical pieces.

Cut out two ¼” strips from black and white diagonal pattern papers. Adhere these strips onto the sides of the heart cluster panels with Glue Dots Permanent Glue Tape. 

vday lawn fawn (7).jpg

Adhere the whole thing onto the card front using more Permanent Glue Tape adhesive.

Stamp the solid heart image onto a white cardstock piece using the same three inks. Cut out the images.

vday lawn fawn (5).jpg

Stamp and heat emboss with white powder the sentiment onto kraft cardstock. Trim to about a ½” strip and cut out the right side into a fish tail banner.

vday lawn fawn (6).jpg

Adhere the cut out hearts and the sentiment onto the bottom portion of the card using Glue Dots Micro Dots.

vday lawn fawn (8).jpg

Wrap some twine on the top of the card base. Tie the ends into a bow and trim off excess string.

vday lawn fawn (9).jpg

Repeat the process to create the second identical card. 

~ Grace