Father's Day Chalkboard Gift

Dig into Dad’s supplies to create a gift he’ll be sure to love this Father’s Day! Learn how to turn a piece of wall paneling into a work of art.


Designed by: Danielle Hunter

Time: 1 hour

Level: Moderate Handiness

Size: 8½" x 6¼"



Lightly sand and clean wall panel before applying three coats of acrylic paint. Allow drying time in between coats. While waiting for the paint tor dry, use Advanced Strength Dots to attach alphabet tiles to chalkboard.

Apply metallic luster paint to the wall panel, let dry and then sand lightly.  Attach one end of ribbon on backside of wood panel using a Glue Line.

Wrap ribbon around to the front of your now painted wall panel and use a Glue Line to secure  the ribbon about two-thirds away from left edge. Create a loop for a piece of chalk and attach another Glue Line to keep it in place.

Attach the rest of the ribbon to the back of panel using more Glue Lines. Adhere Pop-Up Dots to the back of the chalkboard and attach to the left side of the wall panel.


~ Danielle