Webster's Pages: Mantra Cube

Create a mantra cube that can be used as a paper weight, or as an encouraging decoration for a young teen’s bedroom.

Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett

Time: 1 hour

Level:  Advanced

Size:  3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"



Use a table or large miter saw and a block 3.5" x 3.5" off a piece of pine wood. Be sure to use safety precautions. Use medium grit sand paper along all the edges. Wipe them with slightly damp paper towels and allow to dry.

Cut paper and card stock mats using a paper trimmer.  Next, layout each panel before gluing them together, so that you know where you want each piece to go. Remember to create a panel for the top side. The bottom side will be blank.
Trim the prongs off of decorative brads as needed. Use Permanent GlueTape to adhere layers together. Add decorative pieces cut from the Webster’s Panel pages with Ultra-Thin Dots. Webster’s Stickers can be applied to panels as desired.


Use Pop-Up Dots to adhere the metal, prong-less brads to the panel.


Use Ultra-Thin Dots to attach your die cutter to cut shapes as desired.


Adhere each panel to the wooden cube using Craft Dots. 


Once adhered to the block add  stickers and small enamel dots and shapes, as well as bling, with Mini and Micro Dots.


~ Dawn