St. Patrick's Day

Luck O' The Irish


Time: About two hours for 40. 
Level of difficulty: Quick and Easy

I was looking for an easy and creative way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with coworkers and stumbled upon a great post on Pinterest.  I made a few small changes, using only Glue Dots® products, and was able to make enough for everyone in the office in about two hours. If you would like to know how to recreate this project, just follow the instructions below. 


Here's the lists of what you will need:

Here's what you do:


Using black ink and green paper, make as many of the Luck O' the Irish statements as you will need. (I stamped them all out first and then used my favorite scissors to cut them all out.)


Next, cut the 12 X 12 papers into strips with the your rotary cutter. Make sure that the strips are just a bit wider than your lottery tickets. For us here in Wisconsin, that equated to roughly 2.75 inches. Using a scoring board, make a mark approximately 1.25 inches from the end of the paper. 


After folding the end of the paper, lay down a strip of the Premium Permanent Glue Tape very close to the edge of the crease and then fold it again, so that the tape seals the end of the paper. This creates the flap that will hold your lottery tickets in place. 


Place two Removable Glue Dots just outside of the fold to help secure your lottery tickets in place. 


Be sure to slide the lottery ticket a little ways under the flap you created and then place a little bit of pressure onto the ticket so that the Removable Dots grab hold. Then make another crease just outside of the edge of the lottery ticket, so that you can make a flap to fold over onto the top of the lottery ticket. Using the rotary cutting tool, cut about 1.25 inches off of the end of the strip before folding the top flap over the top and tucking it inside the bottom flap. This will make sure that your little lottery ticket pocket is the right size. 


Once you have the pocket created, place your Luck O' the Irish cutouts onto the outside using Glue Dots Pop Up Dots. The final touch is to add a Removable Glue Dot to the back of your penny and then place it on the seam. 

Hopefully your recipients will have the Luck O' the Irish with them when they scratch their lottery tickets!

Jen Libert