Bunny Card Set

Is your Easter card list a long one? Here's how you can design simple Easter cards that are both eye-catching and quick to make, to ensure that you get to everyone on your list!

Bunny Card Set finished horizontal.jpg

Designed by:  Danielle Hunter

Time: Approximately 45 minutes for 4 cards

Level:  Quick and Easy

Size: 5x7 inches

  Bunny Card Set supplies.jpg

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

Create a bunny silhouette and use it to trace and cut out as many bunnies as you need from an assortment of cardstock.

Bunny Card Set template step.jpg
Place a glue line on the back of the neck of the bunny.  Measure and cut a piece of ribbon. Wrap the ribbon, from front to back,  around the neck, making sure the ribbon adheres to the glue line.

Bunny Card Set  Glue Lines step.jpg
Make a small bow and attach it to the front of bunny’s neck using a Mini Glue Dot®.

Bunny Card Set Mini Glue Dots step.jpg
Place ultra-thin dots onto the back of the bunny in several locations, then adhere it to the front of a card.

Bunny Card Set Ultra Thin Glue Dots step.jpg
Repeat for each card.


  • Make bunny silhouettes using a diecut machine or design your own - just cut, trace and cut again!
  • Use a fork or another similar tool to create small bows. A simple search on Pinterest will provide an easy tutorial.


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