How to Mount LED Lights without Damage

We are very excited to introduce you to Isabelle LaRue, the creator, producer and host of “Engineer Your Space” (EYS), an award winning DIY home design show on YouTube.  This month, Isabelle will show you how you can use Glue Dots' new hardware adhesives around your home or apartment, beginning with a simple LED light installation.

More adhesive tips and DIY projects are available at the bottom of the post. Get inspired!

I'm very lucky to have three closets in my current apartment so I was able to dedicate one entirely to all my tools and materials.

This was most definitely a wonderful upgrade from the closet situation in my tiny NYC studio! But the one thing that was missing in the closet was some lighting. After a quick search online, I found the perfect solution: LED battery-operated lights (affiliate link)!


They are very inexpensive at around $15 and can be installed anywhere. They are a great solution for renters like myself to brighten up a closet or a dark cabinet. To make mine even easier to remove later, I installed the LED lights (affiliate link) with a new product I discovered recently at the Home Hardware Show in Las Vegas: Repositionable Double-Sided Sheets from Glue Dots® (sheets shown, Repositionable Dispenser and new HybriBond Mounting Tape will work just as well).

I was given some samples to try and this project was perfect to see how it works.

A full sheet will hold about 2 lbs. (1 sq. inch of adhesive holds up to a 1/2 lb.) and the lights are extremely lightweight, so I cut one sheet in half and it was more than enough to hold one light in place. You simply cut the sheet to the size you need, remove the top liner, stick to the back of the  LED light,  peel off the remaining liner and you can place your lights anywhere.


The great thing about this adhesive is that you can easily re-position it if you need to and it's easy to remove completely without leaving any residue on the wall.


It took no time at all and was so easy, I wish I had done this sooner. I love having lights in my closet and I think I'll be doing this in my other closets too!

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