Craft Cuts: Established Sign

Established signs are a poplar DIY project. This craft uses this idea on a smaller scale to create a tabletop décor piece.  


Made by: Melanie East

Time: 30 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness


Supply List Materials –

If you choose to use a Cricut you will also need:

  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut LightGrip cutting mat
  • Cricut pen
  • Cricut Design Space-compatible device (laptop, iPad, etc.)

**Please note:  For this project, I used a Cricut machine (Explore series or newer) and Cricut Design Space. If you would like the Cricut instructions, click here. This project can also be completed by hand, via the instructions below. 

Using your spray paint, coat the buck and doe heart shape. Allow enough time for it to dry and then add a second layer and dry again, if needed. 


While your shape is drying, cut out the white cardstock for your background, sizing it to fit your picture frame. For my project I cut it to 5" x 7".  Carefully measure where your word placement is going to be. This can be accomplished by placing the cardstock in the frame, laying the buck and doe heart on top, then marking the placement very lightly with a pencil. Write your words est. and the year based on the markings. 


On the back side of the white card stock, apply Advanced Strength Dots around the edges. Press the white card stock to the front of the frame backer. Insert into the frame.

On the reverse side of the Buck and Doe Heart Craft Shape, apply Advanced Strength Dots, folding them (using a placement tool) as needed to fit the size of the shape. 

Adhere the Buck and Doe Heart Craft Shape to the white piece of card stock, centering the year in the Buck and Doe Heart Craft Shape.
This project can easily be customized for any occasion, simply choose colors to coordinate with a wedding theme or with a loved one's home decor. 

~ Melanie

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