Folding Leaf Place Cards

I love using leaf shapes for fall and Thanksgiving décor. These folded leaf place cards serve the purpose of letting your dinner guests know where to sit and act as a table decoration. These are classy enough for a fancier dinner party, but easy enough to make that kids can help.
LEVEL: BEGINNER   |  SIZE: 4” x 5 ½”

Folded Leaf Place Cards-011


  • Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares 
  • Patterned Paper (amounts will vary depending on how many place cards you need to make)
  • White Card Stock
  • Score Board
  • Scissors
  • Corner Punch (optional)


  1. Cut patterned paper to 9” x 5 ½".
  2. Score paper along the long edge at 4 ½” (directly in the middle of the paper).
    Folded Leaf Place Cards-001

  3. Turn the paper 90 degrees and score every ½” along the short edge (1/2”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”,
    3 ½”, 4”, 4 ½”, 5”).Folded Leaf Place Cards-002

  4. Fold the paper in half the short way (along your score line from step 2).
  5. Have the folded edge on your left-hand side. Use a scissors and cut in a jagged line from the bottom right-hand corner to the top left-hand corner. Folded Leaf Place Cards-003
  6. Unfold and place the edge that was on the top side while cutting on the bottom side.
    Folded Leaf Place Cards-004
  7. Fold along the ½” score lines in an accordion fashion.Folded Leaf Place Cards-006
  8. Place Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares along the top folded edge. Bring the left and right sides together, using the Glue Squares to stick the sides together.
    Folded Leaf Place Cards-007
  9. Cut a piece of white card stock to 3” x ¾”. Use a corner edge punch on the corners if desired.Folded Leaf Place Cards-009
  10. Use Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares to adhere the white paper to the leaf. You can write your guests’ names on this strip of paper.
    Folded Leaf Place Cards-010

Notes: Chose paper that coordinates with your plates and napkins for a cohesive place setting. You can also use Mini Glue Dots® for this project.