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BIG NEWS: Glue Dots® are now available at Walmart!

Glue Dots® instant, light-weight, double-sided adhesives are now available at Walmart! 

Glue Dots® are useful double-sided adhesives for your home.  And because they are non-toxic and acid-free, they are safe for the whole family. 

What are Glue Dots? Check out the videos below to learn more about the newest additions to your Walmart shopping list.

Glue Dots Adhesive Rolls are easy to use no matter age or ability.

Watch how easy Glue Dots adhesive rolls are to use no matter age or ability. 


Watch how handy temporary strength Removable Dots™ and Premium GlueTape™ are for gift wrap and gift tags! You'll want to stock up on these products ahead of the holiday season.


Need to wrap presents or gifts? Try Permanent & Removable Premium GlueTape™. Not only is it refillable, but it's great to have handy for upcoming birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Watch how easy it is to use and refill new Premium GlueTape!


GlueTape™, another great paper crafting adhesive, is also available at Walmart. Watch the video below to learn how to to refill GlueTape!


You can now find the right Glue Dots adhesive for your needs at Walmart. Don't forget to add it to your shopping cart!

Glue Dots Available at Walmart

~The Team at GDI

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