Kids Craft: Quick Easter Bunny

Glue Dots makes crafting with kids quick and mess-free. Find Glue Dots at Wal-Mart along with everything you need to make this Easter Bunny Kid’s Craft.


Designed by: Danielle Hunter

Time: 10 minutes (not including drying time)

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 3½" x 4"



Spray paint glass jar and lid. Let dry. Secure lid to jar and then set aside to dry. Next, Adhere a Mini Dot to back of rhinestone and attach thread to make whiskers. Attach a second Mini Dot on top of thread and place on front of jar to create a nose.

Easter-Bunny-Kids-Craft-mini_DanilleHunterUse a scoring tool to adhere Micro Dots above the nose and attach wiggly eyes.


Create a bow with ribbon and adhere to lid with Mini Dots


Save time and spray paint jars for groups of children before beginning project. Fill jar with treats or small toys - and most of all; enjoy! 


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