Kids Craft: Spring Kite

With a few craft staples from Walmart, spring crafts are easy! Kids enjoy flying kites in the spring, but sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate. They can make this fun kite themed craft instead!


Made by: Melanie East

Time: 10 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: Approximately 4” in height


Supply List:

  • Craft Dots™
  • Mini Craft Sticks
  • (1) piece of card stock
  • (1) strand of ribbon
  • Scissors

With a Craft Dot, attach two mini craft sticks together in a “V.”

Repeat step 1 with two more Craft Dots.    

Using the Craft Dots, attach the two “V” shapes together to form a diamond.

Place a mini craft stick horizontally across the center, securing with more Glue Dots.

Place two more mini craft sticks vertically across the diamond (top to bottom), adhering with Craft Dots.

Optionally, you may use a regular length craft stick if you have one and wish to only have a single craft stick down the center.

Using the kite as a template, cut out a diamond-shaped piece of cardstock and then secure it to the back of the kite using even more Craft Dots.

Place a Craft Dot at the bottom of the kite shape. Attach a strip of ribbon. Glue-Dots-Spring-Kite-ribbon

Kids may also enjoy painting the mini craft sticks prior to creating the kite. Additionally, they may also patch the kite colors in the back with multiple card stock options. Pair the craft with a cute kite themed book for a fun spring activity!

~ Melanie