Spring Jar Vase

Recycling empty food jars is one of my favorite ways to be kind to the earth. Plus, spring always means renewal for me, so making these pretty home decor jars were a no-brainier. Using the All Purpose Dots makes the process super quick and mess-free. 

Glue-Dots-Spring-Vases-feature Designed by: Grace Tolman

Time: About 1 hour, including drying time

Level: Moderate Handiness

Size: 6 ½" x 3 2/3” per jar



Paint the outside of the jars using Spring colors of paint. Set aside to dry. 

Stencil the letters on the back of the Contact paper. Divide the word “Spring” into three clusters of two letters each. 

Cut out the inside (positive part) of the letters with a craft knife; careful not to cut outside of these letters. Keep the little parts in the middle of the p and r. 
Place the “stencils” on the burlap sheet. Paint the letters onto the sheets. Set aside to dry. 

Once the letters are dried, peel off the stencil sheets and cut out the burlap sheets into 2 ½” strips. Add All Purpose Dots on the back of the sheet and adhere to the jar. 

Place one All Purpose Dot to the back lip of the jar. Wrap the twine around the jar a few times making sure to adhere the string to the adhesive. Trim the excess. 

Tie a bow with the twine and adhere the bow to the center of the wrapped twine using more All Purpose Dots. 

Repeat the process for all of the jars until you spell out SPRING. 

Fill with flowers - and now enjoy!

 ~ Grace